The best part about being a doctor is being able to help someone. I value this beyond anything else. I have included some testimonial from patients who were kind enough to put this in writing.

Testimonial includes patients I saw in clinic for advice through to those who went on to have various treatments ranging from injections to complex surgery.

'I was wondering if you could do me a favour and let Mr. Aylott know that I am well and have been since the very next day after my surgery. It has been a year since my treatment and I just wanted to say a big Thank You to him!'

‘Thanks very Much! For all your help and kindness whilst I was in need.’

‘Thank you for all your detailed reports on my aged lumbar spine.

I have now decided to go ahead privately, with an operation.

I feel great confidence in your judgement'

‘Dear Mr Aylott,

Just a quick note to thank you for all the care and attention you have shown since I first came to see you in June last year. I am eternally grateful for the advice you have given me, the procedures you have done and the support you have shown in the decisions I have made.

‘Dear My Aylott Just a note to thank you so so much for sorting my back out. You have indeed done a wonderful job. I can honestly say that apart from obvious operation pain for the first 10/7 I have had no pain whatsoever and this has to be attributed to your fine surgical skills.’

‘The pain has lessened since the block but, sadly, has not been the miracle cure I hoped for. Thank you for your kindness, prompt attention and for understanding how debilitating and demoralising this pain has been for me. See you in 6 weeks’

‘Just wanted to say a big thank you!! You have been and still are a great surgeon. My operation was definitely a success, even though I still get some pain, but the pain is not as intense or debilitating. I know I may never be 100% but I felt I was under a great Spine surgeon who treated me like an individual.’

Thanks again!!’

‘Many thanks indeed for seeing me in March. I found your explanations going through the MRI extremely helpful. I am making good progress and things are almost back to normal.’

‘I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed working with you and Mr Aylott. It has been a real pleasure speaking with you and I know how many of the patients we have sent to you have enjoyed their experience with you both.

CA called into our osteopathic practice this week to give us an update and thank us for endorsing you!

He is considerably improved from the lumbar pain and has now returned to work part time.

We do appreciate the communication and feedback that we have received from you and enjoy the prospect of a future working relationship over the years.’

‘Dear Mr Aylott,

I thank you for your report following your examination.

Following my consultation I found my back pain was improving to the extent that I was able to reduce the amount of pain relief I was taking. Consequently, as you know, I decided not to proceed with the nerve block for the moment.

I would like to thank you for your comprehensive examination and clear diagnosis. It may be that armed with this knowledge I have unconsciously relaxed more enabling my back to recover itself to its current extent. Rest assured that I am not assuming that all is well although I am determined to improve the situation.’

‘Dear Mr Aylott,

The result of your back operation has been a great success and has certainly been put to the test over the last weekend. I am playing a certain amount of golf and have not had the back comfort I now have for a number of years. I sincerely thank you for what you have done for me.

You may have noticed that you have two more patients as a result of my success!’

‘Mr C Aylott,

Thank you so much for seeing me and for all your care your staff gave me. I was so relieved to get such a good result, after the misinformation given me several years ago....what I would like to do for the present time is use physio and concentrate hard on losing weight and get my medication sorted out.’

‘Dear Mr Aylott,

Thank you again for looking after me, and I will certainly contact you again if I need to’

'To Mr Aylott and Team,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your fantastic work in stabilising my slipped disc. It is now just over a year after my operation, and I have recovered fully - without the need for pain medication! - I cannot thank you enough.

Wishing you all the best for Christmas, kindest regards'