We are pleased to offer a complete range of different spine treatments once a full and thorough diagnosis of your condition has been carried out. Please visit our patient reviews to understand more about their experience with the Cheltenham Spine Clinic – from those people I saw in clinic for advice through to those who went on to have various treatments ranging from injections to complex surgery.

Injections are an excellent first option and may avoid the need for more involved treatments or surgery. <br />Read more
Microdiscectomy is one of our most routinely performed operations and is ideal for keyhole surgery. <br />Read more
Fusion is a big operation and I only recommend this as a last resort. <br />Read more
This is a novel technique for treating a disc herniation. <br />Read more
I have considerable experience in performing keyhole surgery (minimally invasive) and achieve this in about 95% of cases. <br />Read more
If you pinch a nerve in the neck it can lead to pain down the arm. <br />Read more
Cervical disc replacement can be an excellent alternative to fusion in the neck. <br />Read more
As we get older our bones become weaker, more brittle, and can easily break even without a fall. <br />Read more