I have considerable experience in performing keyhole surgery (minimally invasive) and achieve this in about 95% of cases.

I aim to perform all operations through a minimally invasive approach if this is appropriate to do so.



Keyhole surgery works really well for a range of procedures including microdiscectomy, decompression, fusion, disc replacement and balloon kyphoplasty.



‘Keyhole’ means operating through the smallest possible skin incision. I use special instruments, powerful lights and magnification to see everything well and perform your operation safely.



Keyhole surgery minimises damage to the muscles, reduces post-operative pain and speeds recovery.

Blood loss is usually less than a traditional open operation.

The combination of advanced anaesthetic techniques with minimally invasive surgery often allows us to perform day case spinal surgery. This is rarely available elsewhere.



Keyhole surgery requires a skilled and experienced surgeon.

The risks are broadly similar to a traditional open operation. In my experience about one patient in a hundred may have a complication.

Depending on the type of operation complications may include an infection, nerve injury,

spine fluid leak, metalwork failure, worse pain, blood clot, medical problems, etc.



A big advantage of keyhole surgery is you will be up and about and walking within a few hours of your operation.

You can return home on the same day and sleep in your own bed.

In the first week or so you may need to take simple painkillers which we will provide.

I encourage regular short walks and building this up gradually.

We will check your wound over the first fortnight. I usually use dissolvable stitches.

I have found it very helpful to start an early program of exercises and rehabilitation from two weeks post op. This reduces any stiffness in the back and speeds healing.

I will see you back in clinic six weeks after your operation and subsequently as required.

You can return to work from 4 – 6 weeks depending on your occupation. Fusion takes slightly longer typically 6 – 8 weeks.


Further Information

I am here to support you throughout your recovery and you can talk to me or the team at any time.

I recommend you read the comments from my patients of their experience under my care.

We can see you within 48 hours

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